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  • 30 minutes
  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

During our consultation, we’ll delve into understanding your current challenges, identifying areas you wish to transform or let go of, and envisioning what you aim to achieve. My primary focus is on empowering you to overcome subconscious barriers, limiting beliefs, and past traumas that might impede your progress towards realizing your dreams, goals, and desires with confidence. In our collaborative work, we explore seven key life domains to identify imbalances and sources of dissatisfaction. 1. Mental, Emotional, & Inner Well Being. 2. Health , recreation and leisure 3. Social and family relationship  4. Career and dedication 5. Money and personal finances 6. Life routine and responsibilities  7. Giving back and personal contributions.  From this exploration, we co-create a comprehensive vision and action plan aimed at fostering a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle across these crucial areas. Beyond addressing subconscious hurdles and implementing practical steps to achieve your goals, I guide you in honing your intuitive capabilities, nurturing the confidence needed to navigate life with certainty. This session offers us an opportunity to assess compatibility and determine if a collaborative journey is well-suited for us. I am available to work with clients online, ensuring accessibility and flexibility in our services.

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