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Service Description

ARE YOU READY? To finally feel good enough. To look in the mirror and love the person you are. To show up, fully in your power and stop playing small? Do you struggle with anxiety? Numb your emotion? Continually self sabotage ? Do you not feel good enough? Because of that belief do you find yourself not going after your dreams, being afraid to put yourself out there in the dating world and not being able to express yourself? Do you have social anxiety, and overeat to deal with your emotions?Do you struggle with self worth? I'M HERE... To help you end your fight with anxiety for good. To guide you to self love and healing. MY PROMISE TO YOU -Get rid of old belief systems that are no longer serving you -Feel so solid in your relationships -Gain confidence like you've never before had -Integrate mindfulness so that you can be present with your emotions and stop numbing out with external resources (TV, social media, food, alcohol etc). -Know EXACTLY what to do when you're triggered and how to lean in and transcend rather then disconnecting from yourself and others -Create healthy boundaries for yourself and for the people around you. -Connect with your Inner Child and learn to give her exactly what she needs so that your Evolved Woman can function as her most authentic self -Learn how to trust yourself -Heal any unworthiness you struggle with and find POWER in your pain -Shift the identities you've held onto and move into the highest version of yourself. -Be able to use your voice confidently and speak your truth -Get rid of toxic relationships that are holding you back -No longer look for love through meaningless sex -Create a healthy tribe -Don't give a shit about what other people think MY COACHING IS PERFECT FOR YOU IF... -You're sick and tired of dealing with anxiety -You're exhausted from worrying about what other people think -You look outside of yourself for comfort and love -You regularly worry about your body -You keep going back to toxic people and just want to be DONE with them -You took on the negative beliefs and criticisms of family members as your own -You're crippled by fear and often times don't go after what you want for fear of failure -You're addicted to control -You know that something needs to change and you're ready to take the next step -You overthink everything -You want to accept yourself and your body

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