Amazonite is known as the hope stone helps bring your hopes and dreams into fruition. It helps calms the soul, while, also empowering one to search deep within and discover ones own truths to inner and outer freedom. So this stone will help you to experience the wonderful feeling of freedom when you align with your highest truths with integrity. It gives you the courage to speak and express your truth from your heart and release any fears around communication due to fear of confrontation or verbal abuse. Amazonite also helps regenerate cells that have been damaged due to stress and repressed emotions.


This bracelet includes a unique guided meditation and affirmation to help you align and balance your energy.


Color: blue-green (turquoise) with white flecks


Chakra(s): throat and heart


Astrological sign(s): Gemini, Virgo


Bracelet length:90cm

Amazonite Bracelet-Promotes Expression and Courage

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