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6 Week Heal Program

This will get you started in your healing journey.

  • 45 minutes
  • Online

Service Description

In this 6 week program, you will get 6 weeks of personalized coaching and healing where we go deep into the subconscious mind and work on a specific issue, negative habit, or pattern you are wanting to shift- whether its stress, anxiety, physical pain, self confidence, relationship with health, body, or relationship with others. I will guide you into clearing those subconscious blocks and limiting believes that are holding you back from living your best life and pursing your dreams, desire and goals boldly. I believe old wounds, stories, limiting beliefs and trauma live in the body. Somanic embodiment, color psychology, and energy psychology allows us to heal deep within the nervous and energetic system to create deep transformation. It also enables us to effectively master these statically held states of consciousness -- subsequently reducing stress to the endocrine and adrenal systems and transferring support back to the immune system. You will also learn how to manage your energy so you can be more balanced physically, mentally and emotionally. Just as we have a physical body and we workout and sweat and then shower. We have an energetic body which affects our physical , mental and emotional well being. We can't see it with our naked eyes but we can develop with ability to feel it, sense it, and see it with our third eye. In this program, we will learn how to clear the bio-electromagnetic field or aura and the chakras, which control and are responsible for the proper functioning of the whole body and different parts of the organs. These tools will be perfect to maintain your health. This Program is for you if you: -have a trauma response to anxiety, depression, or stress in the body. -have a pattern of limiting thoughts, fears, and self sabotaging tendencies. -are struggling with chronic pain and burdensome mental health challenges. -are carrying an emotional struggle like inner trauma or childhood wounds that continues to show up and hold you back. -have an unhealthy eating pattern you haven't been able to break. -have a constant feeling of not feeling good enough or feel stuck.. -are exhausted from worrying about what other people think. l look outside yourself for comfort and love. Package Includes: -6 weeks- of weekly teachings, videos , handouts, practical exercises to do everyday -6 personalized coaching/healing sessions and unlimited Q/A via  Voxer. -Birth chart report Book a 30min consultation call today.

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