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An entrepreneur- a spiritual life coach, yoga instructor, energy practitioner, writer, philanthropist, and an unshakable optimist dedicated to help you uncover and eliminate the fears, self-doubt, negative emotions, any subconscious blocks, and limiting beliefs holding you back from becoming the person you most want to be and manifesting the freedom and success you desire!

You were never meant to just survive...you were meant to thrive & live fully & beautifully alive.

 According to science, you're not broken, and you're not beyond repair. In fact: you're right where you're supposed to be. What you call self sabotage, science calls self protection...

Survival Mode

At some point, we experienced shock or pain in our emotional, psychological or physical safety. In response, our Nervous System came to our defense in the form of fight/flight/freeze/shut down. This is our beautiful self-protective circuit operating how it's supposed to.
The problems arise when we fail to find safety internally or externally following the experience, and a dysregulated Nervous System takes over. This can create future triggers and unhealthy ways of "coping" such as binge eating, drugs, codependency, avoidance, denial, lashing out, people pleasing, overachieving, being controlling, neglecting our needs, isolating… 
That armor that once protected us starts to hinder our behaviors, thoughts, and emotions, as our brain and body perceive anything similar as a threat IE intimacy, being seen or heard, putting your self out there, authority figures, etc. So its essential to acquire healthy coping skills, learn how to self regulate, and somatically process past traumas, so you can move from survival to a high states of consciousness .
Spilling Sand

We often get “stuck” in Survival Mode, desperately trying to protect ourselves from danger that long ago ended. The mission  is to go back to our younger parts , and show them they’re safe. 

Do you ever wonder why you can't just talk yourself into calmness, why after years of going to therapy you can't seem to heal? While therapy is great it mostly targets the conscious mind. Our decisions, actions, emotions, and behavior are ruled by 95% of our subconscious mind and only 5% of our conscious mind . The subconscious mind is the database where you hold most of your experiences and trauma. The conscious mind is all of the things that you are currently aware of and thinking about at a given moment .

So trauma is a Somatic Experience meaning it's experienced, stored and relived in and through our bodies in the form of sensations, behaviors and feelings. So, "change your thoughts, change your life," isn't enough. Healing requires us to first SHOW, not tell, our Operating System that we are safe.
There is no longer any doubt that the single greatest contribution to the weakening of our immune systems, the aging process, the sabotage of our relationships, dreams, and goals, is the fact that we leave present-time awareness and can regress into the pain, brainwave patterns, and physiology of the past 15-50 times an hour. By becoming “mindful about our memories,” we are able, instead, to manifest our highest good.

Symptoms of Unhealed Trauma:

Unhealed trauma can LOOK like:

Heightened emotions





Lashing out






People pleasing


Imposter syndrome

Neglecting self needs


Brain Fog

Unhealed trauma can SOUND like:


The world isn’t a safe place

Life will never get better

I have to over-perform to receive love

Other people come first

It’s not safe for me to be my true self

I’m not worth it

I need approval from others

Others can’t be trusted

If I'm vulnerable I will get hurt again

Nothing good ever happens

I'm a burden

My family is more important than me

I can’t rely on anyone

Nobody will ever love me

I don't deserve good things

If I'm not in control I'll get hurt

Their boundaries are more important

It's not safe to say no


you're safe now.

You've suffered and survived. Now, it's time to heal and thrive. It's time to release
stored trauma, regulate your nervous system, come into safe & secure attachments in your relationships, integrate your inner child and show your protective parts that the life you desire—of connection, purpose and joy—is safe to have. You ready?

Let's Heal

Current Offerings

6 Week Heal Program

In this 6 week program you will get 6 weeks of

personalized coaching and healing where we go deep into the subconscious mind and work on a specific issue you are handling, whether its you anxiety, self confidence, relationship with health, body, or relationship with others. You will also learn the basics on how to manage your energy, so you can be more balanced , physically, mentally and emotionally.  This will get you started in your healing journey.